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Panaceum | Microbiome support

A prebiotic blend containing galactooligosaccharides, fructooligosaccharides, pectin oligosaccharides, xyloligosaccharides, isomaltooligosaccharides, chitin oligosaccharides, chondroitin sulfate, and fucoidan.


Panaceum | Microbiome support

Panaceum | Microbiome support A prebiotic blend containing galactooligosaccharides, fructooligosaccharide, pectin oligosaccharides, xylooligosaccharides, isomaltooligosaccharides, chitin oligosaccharides, chondroitin sulfate, and fucoidan.

What is your microbiome?

An ancient symbiotic intelligence made up of bacteria and bacteriophages, your microbiome is the best friend you never knew you had.   It manages all your critical systems (neurotransmitters, antibodies, hormones, antioxidants, blood sugar, detoxification…).  All it asks for in return is some oligosaccharides (unique sugars) to eat, and why not? You can’t digest oligosaccharides anyway.   Unfortunately, modern diets are nothing like the oligosaccharide-rich diets of our primitive ancestors, so our microbiome goes rogue.  Instead of regulating us, it imbalances us.  Instead of protecting us, it goes rogue.  But like a good friend, it is always willing to forgive.   All you need to turn your gut bacteria into the life-giving and protecting ally it was always meant to be is to give it the oligosaccharides it needs to survive.  Panaceum has eight different oligosaccharides recreating the diet of a successful primitive hunter-gatherer.


During pregnancy, postbiotics from the mother’s microbiome guide the developing fetus’s brain architecture via selective neuro-proliferation.  Her microbiome shifts from the adult form (Bacteroides and firmicutes) to the infant form (bifidobacteria) in preparation for a transfer of her microbiome to the newborn.  A healthy microbiome in the mother during pregnancy helps ensure proper fetal brain development and a healthy microbiome to pass on during the birthing process.


Infants receive their microbiome during the birthing process.  Breast milk produced by the mother contains over 200 different oligosaccharides and in more significant quantities than protein.  The lymphatic system brings probiotics from the mother’s microbiome to the breast for delivery to the infant’s gut through breast milk.  IgA in colostrum teaches the infant immune system that the microbiome is SELF and not to be attacked.  For the next three years, the microbiome continues to myelinate the infant’s brain and educate its immune system on what OTHER is and, thus, what should be attacked.  Therefore the microbiome of the infant is responsible for training the infant’s immune system. Maintaining a healthy, robust microbiome in the mother supports a healthy microbiome in the infant.

How to recover your microbiome

Unless your mother had a perfect microbiome, you had a normal birth, were breastfed for 2.5 years, and you’ve never taken antibiotics, you could probably improve your microbiome and your health.  Taking oligosaccharides (the food for the microbiome) may support your microbiome.  Panaceum contains eight different oligosaccharides.


Bacteria in a healthy microbiome kill or inhibit many parasites (including Toxoplasma gondii, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Trichinella, and Babesia) directly and indirectly.  Directly in the gut via chemicals, they make that attack the parasite cell membranes and remove the iron they need to survive. Indirectly outside the gut by uncloaking hidden parasites so your immune system can kill them.

Life Extension

In mice, a healthy microbiome dramatically increases both lifespan and quality of life.    You want both together.  For example, you can increase lifespan with caloric restriction, but then you’ll live a long life as a hungry grouch.  A healthy microbiome gives us a long life where we’re healthy and youthful up right to the end.  Even old mice experience a rejuvenation of their brains, internal organs, fur, and skin when their microbiomes are restored.


In cases of SIBO (an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestines), oral oligosaccharides can exacerbate the issue. Consider the following protocol until any SIBO is resolved:

1-  Mix probiotics with organic carrot juice and put in a yogurt maker for 3 days or until the carrot juice is sour.  Drink 1 cup with each meal.  One of the probiotics you can use is Histamine & D lactate-free probiotics by Foods for Gut.

2- Pancreatic or plant-based enzymes with every meal

3- Panaceum taken rectally using a 35cc catheter-tipped syringe.  1/4 tsp Panaceum mixed with 30cc water 1x a day.

4- 1/4 tsp Zoiben every 3rd day

5- 1 capsule of Ellagica with each meal

6- Minimize sitting.  Preferably only at mealtime and driving a car.

How to Use

Clearing Phase: Knock down the harmful bacteria and yeast.  Consider  Ellagica (three capsules 3x a day) and Zoiben (1/4 tsp 3x a day) for three days.

Rebuilding phase: take a quality multi-strain probiotic powder and one capsule of Panaceum in juice or water during meals three times a day for one week.  Consider taking supplemental butyric and caprylic acids as well.

Maintenance phase: Take one capsule of Panaceum with one meal a day.  

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of galactooligosaccharides, fructooligosaccharide, pectin oligosaccharides, xylooligosaccharides, isomaltooligosaccharides, chitin oligosaccharides, chondroitin sulfate, fucoidan, ellagitannin, and calcium tri-phosphate.


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